WarBëhr print sizes are based on the ISO standard paper sizes (Q0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)

WarBëhr art print dimensions are measure to best fit within the specific ISO Standard Format  (A1, A2, A3 etc) including a white paper margin required for framing the print. The artwork might not be an exact fit to the ISO standards due to the dimensions of the original painting, however in most cases the width will be the common default. The precise dimensions of the ISO sizes can be viewed in the below table.

Print Size Unit Width Height
A5 inch 5.8 11.7
cm 14.8 21
A4 inch 8.3 11.7
cm 21 29.7
A3 inch 11.7 16.5
cm 29.7 42
A2 inch 16.5 23.4
cm 42 59.4
A1 inch 23.4 33.1
cm 59.4 84.1
A0 inch 33.1 46.8
cm 84.1 118.9

Each Fine Art Prints is confidently printed onto 100% cotton museum grade Rag paper by Canson. Its archival qualities will see our prints lasting a lifetime within a decor arrangement. Boasting vivid colour and crisp detail these Fine Art Prints by WarBëhr offer a perfect way to introduce a conversational tone into any space.  

WarBëhr recommends consulting a professional framing service when framing your art print as buying a prefab frame may not suit. All archival prints are best mounted behind 100% cotton matboard and UV protection glass.