About WarBëhr

Contemporary Australian Fauve artist



WarBëhr is an independent artist with experience as a freelance graphic artist and brand designer. Since finding his style and means of expression in 2017 he has painted prolifically, with more than 120 paintings commissioned or sold.

WarBëhr lives and paints in the boutique regional town of Mudgee, NSW. He is also co-founder of two creative businesses (Mudgee Art House and The Mud Factory), with his wife and fellow artist Toni Behrens.



Fauvism (adopted from the French word Fauve, meaning Wild Beast) is a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and non-naturalistic use of colour that flourished in Paris from 1905. Having introduced Matisse as its leading figure, Fauvism influenced subsequent artists including the German Expressionists.

Fast forward a century to contemporary Australian artist WarBëhr: painting to the strokes of the Fauves, producing exciting and broadly collectable work.


Signature Style

WarBëhr paints in oil using the technique known as Alla Prima, an Italian term meaning at first attempt. Each painting is carefully propagated with poetic sensibility, permitting the combination of form and colour to command the unfurling of the work.

The colour narrative in the work is clearly the wild element.

Like a beast, the movement of colour is untamed and free, impressing upon us a glimpse of something that sells a lie in order to tell a truth — a wildly poetic image.


Wild Colour

Warbehr puts colours together based on emotion and the end result is a conversation — the colours speaking to each other, suggestive and flowing through the work. The artist will throw something in — a riskier combination or more dangerous colour — but in the end it is all about balance: tonal balance and the proximity of these wild colours to each other, determined by bold brushwork.

People can explore the wildness that’s inside the painting and connect to it. It can feel liberating.

“Colour is wild; primitively sophisticated.”

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