About WarBëhr

Contemporary Australian Fauve artist



Colours like people have personality. Some colours are totally wild and get up to all kinds of mischief yet others like to sit back and talk with the adults over a cup of tea – that’s why I like colour. Now imagine what kind of experiments you can make when you combine these personalities within the confine of a canvas… well, that’s why I like painting! What’s most profoundly astounding is when an actual human gets entangled in the conversation – that’s when the painting really comes to life.



I am a huge fan of Picasso, Miro, the Fibonacci Sequence and the number 3 – a dynamic factor in my work. My approach to painting tends to favour seemingly wild brushwork and strident colours – a characteristic of the Fauvism movement from early 1900’s. Whilst the subject I choose is typically motif by nature it is not nearly as important as the rumination – as in chew the fat – that it engenders.

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