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Spaces are conversations between two positive visual forms, an essential binary existence: on, off, on. Often seen as nothing, a space can potentially hold a greater presence than what it is pressed between - only if seen. Inasmuch the space between offers a natural path for our curiosity like a blind stream of water finding its way between stones.

Space is also time based giving us rhythm to music, dance - even the rhythm of how we breathe. The ingredient of time within space adds potency to the argument of the space, giving us its adjective; the space is wide or narrow, dark or light, dangerous or safe. 

The concept of between is our human experience of the space within time; it is the plundering of creativity.


Narrow Space Between 

Listen. Quiet.

If you can hear it, in the narrow space


Look. Closely.

If you can see it, in the narrow space


Come. Let's go.

If you can follow me, through the narrow space

between, the darkness and the light

where the germ of life is found

unencumbered by our time

there the genius is.




1. Find or imagine a space that you can describe as a 'narrow space between' and allow yourself 10 minutes to journey into the idea.

2. Take with you a handful of words that can be used to unlock the image in your mind. As you journey into your image be mindful of what you find.

3. Reply to the space with a creative action. You might decide to do any of the following: paint a painting, write a song, form a dance, go for a walk 

4. If you want to share your discovery or describe your ideas you can do so in the comments below.


Word cloud:

mystery, energy, darkness, imagination, history, culture, gateway, parallel~worlds, old~world, ancient, change, belief, concept, design, feeling, form, intention, interpretation, notion, perception, plan, scheme, sense, theory, view, aim, end, essence, inkling, purpose, viewpoint, believed~abstraction, gateway

Photo by Julien Lanoy on Unsplash


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