Warwick Behrens painting under the moniker WarBëhr, is an Australian artist from the boutique town of Mudgee, NSW Australia.

After studying fine arts in the late 1990’s he worked as a concept designer for Creata Promotions before moving into brand design and graphic arts which he wrapped up in 2016.

It was at this time he picked up the brush and donned the name WarBëhr and begun to paint. And paint he did… 2017–18 brought an overwhelming response to his work with commissions opening a full time calendar.


“It was a crazy year! In line with this I was also running my shop in Mudgee with painting requests coming in every other day. Im really grateful for how well my style is being received.”


WarBëhr also owns a business in the heart of Mudgee with a coffee bar, picture framing, creative supplies and unique gifts that will suit any creative soul. He also rents a commercial studio with a number of canvases at different stages of the painting process set onto his custom made wall easel.


“I think what most people like about my paintings is the adventurous colour palette. There is something in the style that translates well. They are complex pieces in terms of how the elements combine yet they offer a simple appreciation.”

Interpreting subjects in his own unique way, WarBëhr paints “as he sees it” in the technique of Alla Prima (at first attempt), with the sureness of the les Fauves (French for “the wild beasts”). His approach to painting gains traction from Spanish painters Picasso and Miro and seeks a sophisticated narrative of colour and form.


“I was influenced largely by Picasso, although after visiting his gallery on a recent trip to Barcelona I was converted to Miro who is now my favourite influence. Miro was all about the verbalising of an idea. That’s what I like most.

I am inspired by things that promote change, by things that challenge. I think in 3D but put down in 2D, I look at what is normal and seek to enhance it yet keep it the same. The world of colour is such a lie which is why I love it so much, as it is neither black or white – its all grey.

Commission a Piece

If you would like to become a collector of WarBëhr please make an enquiry on the below contact form. Original paintings are occasionally available between commissioned works. Art prints of most artworks are available to purchase on the posted page for each piece.

For direct enquiries contact WarBëhr 0402848634.

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